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    Digitally done version of Blur's "Sing" track. I was playing between vaporwave and shoegaze and this is pretty much what I made with it.



Eerie, mushy, a nostalgic mix of a bit shoegaze mixed with some vaporwave elements along, of a pretty memorable song called “Sing” from Leisure (1991) album by Blur. Shoegaze expresses itself mostly by producing distorted sounds of guitars, creating lusty atmosphere, often miss, sadness, and vaporwave is just a digital (virtual) version of it, but instead of guitars, vaporwave mostly uses distorted vocals, slow pitch, sound of miss and nostalgia. The combination of two were bringing my most attention, lately.


released May 5, 2017




moozy 波 Tbilisi, Georgia

Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to.

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